Long Paws Urban Trek Anti shock Bungee Extender

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The Long Paws anti-shock bungee extension is designed to ease the strains from pulling dogs.

This lead is STRONG & ELASTICATED! The Long Paws Bungee Extender is a unique Anti-shock dog Leash extension.

Does your dog like to pull while on walks? Does that put a strain on your shoulders? You need one of our dog lead Extenders! Use the bungee leash Extender with any dog leash, and it will help reduce strain on your shoulders.

The Anti-Shock extender is designed to reduce shocks from pulling dogs, help make your walks more pleasurable. If you like to run or jog with your dog, the Extender turns any leash into a running leash/jogging leash. The Anti-Shock extender is also a great companion for dog training and acts as the perfect dog training lead.

The leash Anti-Shock Extender not only helps your shoulder but stops your dog’s neck from being pulled while jogging. You'll be surprised you've not used one before.

Length: 20cm (contracted) to 30cm (expanded)


  • S - 1.5 cm
  • M -2.5cm