Pawsome of Topsham, is a lifelong dream of owner Alex Coulter, who envisaged a one-stop-shop bringing greener products for pets and pet owners together in one place. Devon born and bred, there was only one place Alex would open her first shop – Topsham.


“I’m a Devon lass through and through and spent my childhood years on the edge of Dartmoor and my youth in and around the Exeter area. I did move to Denmark in the eighties, spending those years in the construction industry while planning and plotting my return to Devon and the creation of Pawsome, to cater for discerning pets and their owners in a ‘Country Life meets mutts‘ kind-of-way!


I established myself back in Devon in 2019 and opened Pawsome of Topsham soon afterwards.


My dog, darling Archie was very ill while I was in Denmark, and alongside medical treatment, I started scouring the internet to see how I could help him with a healthier diet. When I saw how he responded to better food, my vision for Pawsome accelerated. To cut a long story short, I then researched more and more about the benefits of pet food without the ‘nasties’, and the idea was born. Since then, I am committed to ethically sourced, high quality foods and want to share the benefits of a good diet for my pets with other people.

Building on that, I am also absolutely committed to doing my bit for the planet, hence everything in my shop is as ‘clean and green’ as I can source it.


We now have grooming on-site plus our DIY Dog Wash facility, where we only use 100% natural products. Why not use our professional equipment and huge tub for your dog rather than struggle at home?


Will I see you soon? – online or in the shop? I’ve got stunning wellies, coats and homewares for all of us pet owners too so you’re bound to walk out with a few goodies!