Peter & Paul Seed Star

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These pretty stars will brighten up your garden and are guaranteed to attract the greatest number and variety of birds to your garden!

Sunflower Hearts are loved by more wild bird species than any other seed, they are probably the bird food which more species eat than any other. Sunflower Hearts provide garden birds with a rich source of oil, protein and energy, they are mess free and they are husk free. This means that less time is spent cracking the seed open, enabling birds to save valuable time and feed more efficiently.

Birds love suet as it provides huge amounts of energy, important all year round but crucial in the winter months in a bid to keep warm! Where suet contains necessary fats, sunflower hearts are full of all the essential oils a bird needs for its diet. So, by combining the two in our Peter & Paul Star with Sunflower Hearts & Suet and by putting them out in your garden, you are really helping your birds by filling them up with good quality bird food and also to keep them toasty in the winter months!

Peter & Paul suet products contains only 100 % human grade edible beef dripping, which not only means that these products do not change composition from batch, to batch, to batch, but it also happens to be a denser form of suet and, therefore, has the highest pay back in calories per gram. To put it simply; the more fat and the better that fat is that’s in suet – the more birds you will get in your garden.